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Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress,

and working together is success.” – Henry Ford

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About Us.

We are not attorneys and cannot offer legal advice, nor are we licensed security brokers who can register your securities, nor can we sell your corporate stocks through a private placement.


Since 1997 we have helped thousands of small business owners prepare for success. Our team of analysts and business consultants have over 100+ years of combined experience in business management, documentation writing, raising capital, and achieving controlled growth coupled with operational efficiencies that improve net profits and increase revenues.

We typically work directly with CPAs, Lenders, and Attorney firms seeking help for their small to medium business clients. We provide a free due diligence session and gain engagement as business management consultants to help strategically position their clients for growth along with the appropriate financial engineering.


Our Focus: Your Success!

We understand our partner’s requirements and provide quality workmanship wholesale or direct to the client, your choice.


We bring over 40 years’ experience to our partners in strategic planning and business management consulting. The Strategic planning process is a deliberate series of steps to help your clients identify & reach their goals. Even more, you’ll discover what your customers want and develop programs that meet their needs. A strategic plan involves setting goals and objectives, analyzing internal and external business factors, product planning, implementation, and tracking your progress.

Our projects begin with the strategic plan, then we roll up our sleeves and help our clients with the tactical implementation of their plan. We reduce the time to market while improving net margins and ensuring controlled growth.

We also provide our partners with consistent reporting to help you stay abreast of your client’s progress.

We know how to help you position your firm with your client’s objectives to help drive success.


We help launch great business ideas and resurrect existing entities. From concept through launch to the mature life cycle stage, we develop a road map for their objectives. We consult with your clients, providing services that improve their abilities to launch or turn around quicker.

As a Registered Agent Service, we can handle incorporate business filing in all 50 U.S. States. Provide you with a beautiful Incorporate Kit including the corporate seal, share certificates, Bylaws, and articles of incorporation all in an attractive binder. For established businesses, we also provide Entity Management and Notary services.

Our consulting approach helps turn visions into active ventures and then helps mentor at all stages of the business lifecycle, driving successful exit strategies.

Having the right preparation enhances your client engagement with proper services and documentation.


Most entrepreneurs understand the fundamentals of a business like the management team, market opportunities, and control through operating systems but are not familiar with raising capital.

The challenge of landing the right form of capital to grow their company changes at each stage in the business lifecycle. Built into the process are certain harsh realities that can seriously damage a business if you don’t watch the cost of money. We help guide entrepreneurs in the structured format of financing so they can be properly prepared.

Funding varies from traditional debt sources like bank loans to alternative means of leveraging credit history or assets, leasing versus equipment, and so on. Then there is Private Equity from hard money, angels, V.C.s, and even hybrids like Venture Debt.

Matching the right capital source at the appropriate time saves your client time and money.


We provide our partners and their clients with a full-service software development agency offering innovative software applications which move the user experience boundaries exceeding customer expectations in costs and design.

Our services include your client’s own software designs from Cloud Software, Data Management, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine Learning, Application Development, Industrial Automation, and custom-built solutions.

Our software development life cycle and approach start with Project Definition, then we build the wireframes and application architecture, incorporating Visual Designs, Application Development, User Testing to Product Launch. Then we provide ongoing maintenance and support.

Our goal is to provide you a total End to End development services.

Your Partner for entrepreneurs and corporations in end-to-end application development


Our Team

We understand your requirement and provide quality workmanship based in knowledge, field experience and exceeding customer expectations, on a regular basis. Our motto is “You are only as good as your last project”.
Over 35+ years in business management, consulting and strategic planning

Strategic Business Advisor

Over 37+ years in developing, selling and managing commercial real properties

Commercial Real Estate

Over 30+ Years CFO, Finance, and fundraising experience

Interim CFO

Over 30+ years in Sales and Business Development

Fortune 100 BD GUY!

1,900 +

Entrepreneurs Helped


Capital Raised


Years helping Clients





We are not successful unless you are first!

The team at Focus Efforts has helped me achieve success faster than I could have by myself. Their focus on details, long-term planning, and operational stages of growth helped us introduce our product at third-generation right out of the gate. Now we are servicing some of the biggest players in the title and mortgage industries with our software.


Shane Mitchell

Partner, Rhinoware IT


Why select us?

Our professional, discrete advisors are an extension of your firm, not a competitor.
Business Growth

Our past success will help your clients achieve new levels of accomplishments and will be thankful for their results.

Unlimited Revisions

Our affordable pricing is a flat rate, no hidden fees, and no surprises making it easy for you to resell with a profit

Ultimate Collaboration

Our team is focused on your reputation and success by viewing each partner and client from a lifetime perspective.

Leadership Experience

Our consulting services are driven by our experience navigating business ownership and leadership

Strict Adherence to Deadlines

We effectively use technology to help our team to achieve the desired results on time plus eliminating rework

Repeatable To Many Industries

Our team has extensive experience providing business services to help new and establish businesses grow

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